UNESCO launches platform on living heritage and COVID-19

11 May 2020

Living heritage as a source of resilience and recovery during crisis.

In line with its response to COVID-19, UNESCO is launching a web platform to share and exchange experiences of living heritage in the context of the pandemic, both in terms of its impact and the diverse ways in which communities turn to their living heritage as a source of resilience and recovery.


Experiences shared so far through an online UNESCO survey have shown the scale of disruption across the world, with many significant festive events and rituals canceled or postponed. Some communities can no longer access the cultural and natural spaces and places of memory necessary for expressing their intangible cultural heritage, while others are restricted from coming together to share and enjoy many aspects of their intangible cultural heritage, which is so vital to the life of their communities.

This has not only caused disruptions in the social and cultural lives of many but has also resulted in a loss of income for many bearers and practitioners of intangible cultural heritage. Those working in the performing arts and traditional crafts, who largely operate in the informal sector, have been particularly hard hit. Although it is still early to assess the economic costs, artisans the world over have responded to the survey noting the loss of livelihoods as they face challenges in supplying orders and accessing raw materials.

For detailed information please visit this website.


Living heritage continues to be important for all of us during times of crisis, providing a sense of connection and continuity and reinforcing the social bonds between us. How have you been engaging with your living heritage in response to the pandemic? And what role can living heritage play in such difficult times?

Share your story through our online survey and tell us your experience of living heritage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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