Time of Change contest of drawings and videos

7 February 2022

Deadline for applications: 16 February 2022

The Kazakhstan Federation of Clubs for UNESCO in partnership with UNESCO, Kazakhstan Association of Regional Environmental Initiatives ECOJER and Family Supermarket "Galmart" announces the launch of the contest of drawings and videos within the Republican Transformational Marathon Sustainability begins with me.

The purpose of the contest: Mainstreaming of eco-thinking, sustainable consumption, and preservation of peace through creativity and visual tools.

The contest is open to participants from Kazakhstan aged 12 to 35 (age categories - 12-16 years old, 17-25 years old, 26-35 years old). Participation is free.

The works will be evaluated according to their originality, creativity, quality and compliance with the tasks and outlined nomination requirements.

  • Art nomination "Earth is our common home";
  • Video mobilography "The choice is ours";
  • Animated video "Let's find salvation".

    More detailed information about the contest can be found here .

    Permanent link: http://en.unesco.kz/time-of-change-contest-of-drawings-and-videos